Who we are

We are the Australian’s leading distributor of high quality PVC Skirting Boards.

House Innovations LP 55 skirting board has functionality and endurance in every place of usage. It is the perfect finishing element to your floors in your home or office.

The patented system with a flap allows for easy access so you can install and concealed unsightly cables. The above standard height of 60 mm increases its decorative qualities.

Painting the wall is a breeze just remove the top flap without removing the whole skirting board. No paint on your skirting board!

How we are different

  • PVC Skirting boards are suitable for any given flooring: carpets, parquet, floor panels and even ceramic tiles.


  • There are colour schemes appropriate for the most popular flooring currently available.


  • PVC is high quality, durable and water resistant.


  • PVC Skirting Boards is an easy fitting product  with no need for specialised tools.


  • All accessories are available to suit house configurations including  internal and external corners, joints and end pieces, aesthetically complementary to the fitted skirting boards.


  • The edges of the skirting board also play the role of a seal, limiting the penetration of dirt under the board.


  • They are manufactured in Europe to global standards
  • Perfect fit with floors and walls. Due to specially designed rubber strips placed on the upper and lower edge, our skirting board perfectly fits the floor and the walls. This allows for elimination of irregularities and protects against penetration of any impurities.


  • PVC boards are ready to use, they do not require additional varnishing, which considerably prolongs time of finishing floors using wood skirting boards. No more sanding and painting – just wipe clean for a bright fresh look for life.


  • PVC boards are easy to keep clean – Its strength is due to high PVC quality and is water resistant, which guarantees 100% durability; may be clean with a wet cloth. Typical MDF boards for finishing floor panel are damaged by damp within a short time.


  • No need for dismantling during renovation. Patented hinge makes it possible to open and close the skirting board, which facilitates installing cables and simplifies painting as well as wallpapering. During wall painting or wallpapering, the skirting board does not have to be dismantled; only the upper part needs to be removed.


  • All at an affordable price.