Using skirting boards is the most popular way to protect many kinds of walls. Depending on different kind of surface you can fit a special skirting board, which satisfies specific requirements.

Finishing of the walls and floors using a special terminal is a very good and interesting solution. First of all, it is very practical. In this way you can protect your floor from all kinds of damage, particularly at the juncture of her to the wall. This is most vulnerable to damage and contamination place. Security it by strip is both, and practical and comfortable. On the other hand, the strip also perfectly protects the wall. Especially when set against the wall furniture. One must know that the bar prevents against too close pull furniture up to the wall.

You should know that the rack is a perfect solution for many different walls. Of course, for every wall and every floor you must adjust the appropriate skirting boards, which will well and permanently fix. It matters and fulfills its whole role only if it is securely and firmly installed. That is the most important.


Securing the connection between the wall and the floor is extremely important. There is impossible to perfectly match the floor to the wall, it is impossible to put it perfectly. There will always be a minimum gap, which you can protect just by skirting boards.

If the need arises, you can also select the skirting board, which is waterproof. Usually, skirting boards are very lightweight and impact resistant.

It is also interesting that the skirting boards are in various designs, colors and different shapes. What bar you will choose for your home, depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on appearance and equipment in apartment or room. It depends on the colors in the apartment and the architectural style, as has been selected and applied.

It often happens that one kind of bar, one design, fits in all of the rooms in the house. It is a much more convenient and much easier. The whole thing basically based on visual matching all to itself. Often also baseboards are very beautiful decorative element.

We know very much about this type of finish decorating, due even same specialization of our company. In addition, the slats are also one of the products which is available in our offer. Besides them, we also offer wall panels and accessories required for their assembly, just like the accessories needed to mount the slats skirting.

With this particular specialisation, we can be very precise in approaching to the subject, and thus, approaches professionally. Hence our advice on the use of skirting boards.

Many customers we already managed in that, which skirting boards they should choose, where to install them, where they attach and how to fit them into the room. For this, of course, we give practical advice concerning the installation process and on what accessories to choose from.

Our consultants provide assistance at every stage of mounting skirting boards. From the moment of choice until the same, technical installation. We hope that our support is for the state useful and handy. On the other hand, we also hope that our products are for the state easy to use, easy to install and satisfying during use. For this we care the most.

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